Coopers DIY Team

Coopers DIY came about from Coopers Brewery buying the Mr Beer team in late 2011. This created a worldwide powerhouse for homebrewing. Since then we have expanded into other DIY products and more to come in the future.

For more information about Coopers DIY and its products, please fill out our contact us form.


Mr Beer

Mr Beer has always been about making great beer with no hassles. We continue this tradition that we started back in 1992 when homebrewing was still in its infancy compared to now.

You will find new flavors and more ways to brew than ever before coming from Mr. Beer! Use our Contact Us page for more information!


DIY Beer

DIY Beer is the worlds largest homebrewing kit maker in the world. Even though customary in the US for more homebrewers to us all grain methods, the rest of the world loves the time saving and accurate method of extract brewing.

DIY perfect this and continues introducing great new products all the time.

Mr Rootbeer

We have the best rootbeer around and you must try it Old Fashioned and delicious!

Keeping kids busy since 1999. Find out more at

Home Craft Works

Home Craft Works is all about DIY at home. Whether it is yogurt, soda, lemonade, kombucha or fermentable vergetables, we have your back.

Coopers DIY knows how to market and place these things into retail stores. If you have an idea, let us help you get it off the ground. Use our contact us page.